Heirloom Printing

You’ve done your research, and you now have boxes and files of papers, tree charts, forms, certificates, and photos. The question you might have is, “What do I do with this now?” You could leave it as is, but it’s not very organized, it looks horrible on your coffee table, and it is very hard to share with your family members. I do have a solution: publish it.huntbook

I can compile your information into a beautiful printed book which will include photos, charts, and all of the precious documents you’ve discovered. You can print one or a dozen for your family members. The best part is your hard work can be enjoyed by future generations.

Civil War Casualties List

I am compiling a list of Civil War casualties. This is an ongoing project which I hope to publish in the future.

You may submit any names you would like added to the list, but the information must be proven and accurate.



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