Heirloom Printing

You’ve done your research, either on your own or with assistance from a researcher such as myself. You now have a box of papers, tree charts, forms, certificates, and photo’s.huntbook

As a researcher we all end up with these boxes, the question we all have is what do I do with this now? You could leave it as is, but its not very organized, looks horrible on your coffee table, and is very hard to share with your family members. I do have a solution: publish it.

I can put your info into a beautiful, printed book, which will include photos, charts and all of the precious documents you’ve discovered. You can print one or a dozen for your family members. The best part, you can take the cardboard box off of your coffee table and store it in a safe place.

15 Minutes of Genealogy

I’ll be on site at local events and festivals with my trusty laptop and tree charts, ready to dig into your family mysteries.

You can begin your research or breakdown a brick wall for a simple small fee of… you guessed it, $15!

I’ll post the next locations here, hope to see you at my table.

Civil War Casualties List

An ongoing compilation of Civil War casualty information as it becomes available.

Submit any info you would like added to the list. Info must be proven and accurate.

Links to existing lists: Cindy’s List Civil war