Genealogy Workshops

If your group is looking for a new and different workshop, consider one on genealogy!

As a former teacher, I love conducting workshops. Here are my regular workshops topics; if you have a specific topic in mind, feel free to contact me:

Topic: Starting Your Family Tree Hunt
Every journey begins with a first step. This workshop instructs participants who are beginning their research into their family history. It includes basic techniques, resources, and best practices. Also included is a discussion of internet genealogy research and common mistakes.

This workshop can be a single 90 minute workshop or expanded to two or three sessions of 90 minutes each. The expanded series offers a more in-depth discussion of topics, as well as adding topics such as lineage organizations (such as the Daughters of the American Revolution), common myths, and DNA testing in genealogy research. An expanded series also offers participants an opportunity to conduct research between sessions and bring the results back to class, aka “homework!”

Topic: Preserving Your Family History for Future Generations
A common concern among family historians is, “What should I do with all this?” This workshop focuses on gathering and organizing photographs, stories, and information, resulting in a cherished heirloom for children, grandchildren, and beyond. This is a single 90 minute workshop, but it can be expanded or shortened upon request.

Topic: Overcoming the Library Allergy: Not Everything Is on the Internet!
Modern genealogists have a wonderful tool in the internet, but it is not the only tool. This workshop for beginning and intermediate genealogists discusses the wealth of information available to researchers in libraries, courthouses, history centers, and other locations. This is a single 90 minute workshop, but it can be expanded or shortened upon request.

Topic: Where Do I Go From Here? Deconstructing the Brick Wall
“Hitting a brick wall” is a common problem for genealogists. The courthouse burned, the trail gets lost, records are unavailable—all of these situations can cause the research to stall. It’s a frustrating development! This workshop offers ideas and techniques for overcoming obstacles. Topics include rarely used or overlooked resources, creative thinking, and “detangling” family knots. This is a single 90 minute workshop, but it can be expanded or shortened upon request.

All of the above workshops are intended for a maximum class size of 25 participants; larger class size can be accommodated with an adjustment in fee for materials. I require a 1/3 deposit upon booking a workshop. I have flexible availability for scheduling workshops: weekdays, evenings, or weekends.


Maximum class size of 25, but larger class sizes can be accommodated.

Workshops can be a 90 minute session or expanded to two or three 90 minute sessions and could include topics such as:

  • Charts and records
  • Lineage organizations
  • Common myths
  • DNA testing in genealogy research