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Andrea_Avery3I’ve been a genealogist for over 40 years since I was a girl and would sit with my “Nana” to hunt our family tree. I would listen to her family stories and ancestors became real to me. Nana and I were lucky—we had the genealogy notes of her mother (my great-grandmother) to start with. It must be in the blood!

As an adult I took this passion for research to a professional level. As a West Texan, it was a logical step to use my genealogy skills in the oil business as a petroleum landman and title analyst. Later, when I relocated to the Austin, Texas area, I became a professional genealogist. These two careers complimented each other: land work taught me about land research and probate which are so helpful in genealogy research, and genealogy taught me how to follow documentary trails to find mineral owners.

If I can help you with either a genealogy project or a land title project, please contact me. Feel free to explore my site. Enjoy!

You can contact me at: Andrea@familytreehunt.com.

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CENSUS SATURDAY: I'm starting a new feature each week which will spotlight interesting things in censuses. Since Halloween is approaching, it seems appropriate to start with horror movie star Lon Chaney ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and "The Phantom of the Opera") as a 17 year old with his parents in (wait for it) Colorado Springs, CO in the 1900 census. He's listed here as Leonard. Little known fact: both of his parents were deaf, and they met at a Colorado school for the deaf. ...

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TOMBSTONE TUESDAY: I am not promoting this business, but I will say they have some beautiful and unique markers. I especially love this one with a cat and a pile of books. If you have time, take a look... pinnamonuments.com/photos-of-granite-monuments-memorials-and-headstones ...

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